Programmes and Activities

01.  Accessible Information and Resource Sharing and Networking: 

Coverage: Mass People (Around 30,000 People) 

CSID initiated the Internet based Disability Information Dissemination Network since 1999. Later the activities have been expanded from only disseminating information to creating access of Persons with Disabilities into main stream ICT. The focus of the program now is socio-economic development of persons with disabilities through creating access and using ICT. As yet over 5000 subscribers enlisted with the Network form all over the Globe. This network (e-mail format and website) is accessible for all. CSID also operating a Disability Resource Centre where thousands of different printed, audio-visual and Braille resource materials are available. Students, Academicians, Researchers, Professionals, Service Providers and Persons with Disabilities are visiting and using the resource centre free of cost. An accessible Cyber Café also has been established at the resource centre, where any persons with disabilities including blind persons can use internet free of cost. 


University students using the Resource Centre 

    In Dhaka CSID is implementing 1 mentioned below project in this connection:

i) Accessible Internet-based Disability Information Dissemination Network (DID-N)     and Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

 Supported by: CSID 

 Major Objective: To improve Internet based DID Network in terms of its design, content,

 diversification of information, accessibility features, interactive features and coverage etc. and

 developed as more user friendly.

02.  Study/Research:

 In present by the funding of DFID and Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College London CSID is conducting a research titled, “Disability and Climate Resilience Research”. The mentioned research has been completed in December 2017. CSID as yet conducted 19 Researches including International Research on different issues which include – National Budget, working children, Education of disabled persons, Home based workers, Situation of Children and Women with Disabilities, Disaster & Disability, Employment situation of Disabled people etc. For Reports of Researches please visit


03.  Community-Based Support Services:

     The programme components include:

   a) Physical Rehabilitation

   Coverage: Around 6000 children and adult with disabilities

Through conducting individual assessment we provide Therapy, Surgery and Aids & Appliances support to increase mobility, functional ability and communication skills so that the children can be independent and participate in education and other activities. In Sylhet and Keranigonj CSID implementing 3 projects in this connection:


i.) Improving education and health for deaf blind people in Bangladesh

Funded by: Sense International

The broad objective is to improve the lives of deaf blind children and include into the mainstream schools.


        Accessibility in school                                     Assistive Device


                 Assessment                                            ADL training 

ii) Promoting Rights and Dignity of Children with disabilities project in Sylhet City

Funded by: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Broad objective:  To  ensure Equal Rights and opportunities of

Children with Disabilities in Sylhet City”.

Project Location: Sylhet 


Capacity Building Training                                          Awareness meeting


Human Chain against violence                                Meeting with local government

iii. “COVID-19 Family Care Response” Project.

      Supported by: Family for Every Child

The overall objective of the project is to provide food and psychosocial support to the children with disabilities in this COVID 19 situation.

Project Location: Dhaka


b)  Education

Coverage: Around 7000 children with disabilities

After taking care of increasing mobility, functional and communication ability and independency we try to bring them in education. There are huge and diverse barriers and challenges to include disabled children of marginalized families in education. We follow a comprehensive and diversified approach, which has been described in the photographs below:


                                        Operating Inclusive Pre-School & extra curricular activities


                                             Inclusion into mainstream schools

i.“Promotion of Socio Emotional Learning and Resilience Building for Inclusive Education” Project.

 Supported by: PORTICUS

The overall objective is: By the end of 2024 Children with and without disabilities have equal access, actively participating and flourished with highest potentials in the inclusive learning environment..

Project Location: Greater Mirpur, Dhaka