Research on Disability and Development issues is one of the major activities of CSID. As yet CSID conducted many types of research including International Research which include – Inclusive Education, Situation Analysis of Children and Women with Disabilities, Disaster & Disability, the Employment Situation of Disabled people, Child Labour, Child Budget, Situation of Home-based Workers, etc.

SL Title of the Research and Study View Download
1 Feasibility Study of the new project relating persons with Disabilities "Accessible Digital Space for the Persons with Disabilities" View Download
2 Protection and Empowerment of children with disabilities through an Inclusive Approach View Download
3 Final Baseline Report of the project Promoting IE for Children with Disabilities View Download
4 Disability and Climate Resilience Research Project-2018 View Download
5 Process Document: Initiative on Child‐led Budget Analysis and Advocacy View Download
6 The Situation Analysis on Disaster and Disability Issues In the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh View Download
7 Situation Analysis and Assessment of Education for Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh View Download
8 Promoting Education of Children with Disabilities through BRAC Non-formal Education Approach View Download
9 Computer for Persons with Visually Impairment: A Door to Education, Information and Employment View Download
10 Documentation of Good Practices on Inclusive Education In Bangladesh View Download
11 Educating Children in Difficult Circumstances: Children with Disabilities View Download
12 The Feminine Dimension of Disability View Download
13 Employment Situation of People with Disabilities in Bangladesh View Download
14 Possibilities of Integrating Street Children with Disabilities in to Existing Development Service View Download
15 Street Children with Disabilities View Download
16 A Baseline Study on Child Labour among Children with Disabilities View Download
17 ICT & Innovative Partnership Project ‘The Advocacy Strategy’ View Download
18 ICT and innovative partnerships responding to well-known challenges for children in new ways View Download
19 Mapping, Assessment and Review the Laws and Policies on View Download
20 National Budget Analysis on Child Labor View Download
21 National Budget Tracking in Child related Ministries View Download
22 A Baseline Study on Situation of Home-Based Workers View Download
23 Child Budget in Bangladesh View Download
24 Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh: A Study in the Ready Made Garment and Leather Industry - 2016 View Download
25 Process Document for Study: Initiative on Child‐led Budget Analysis and Advocacy View Download
26 Study on Budget Analysis by the Children - 2016 View Download