CSID envisions “An inclusive society where all disadvantaged people including Persons with Disabilities are living with equal rights, opportunities, access and dignity in comparison to other citizens of the country”. 


Reducing discrimination against marginalized people including persons with disabilities in all aspects of life including gender disparity; creating a Physical and Socio-economic barrier free environment; Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and marginalised people through capacity building; Resource and information networking; Promoting opportunities and access to education, information and socio- economic activities in order to mainstreaming them into society with equal rights and dignity following Inclusive, Community Based Rights and Participatory Approach (ICBRPA).



The organization holds the following values:

  • Disability should consider as development issue, since Persons with Disabilities constituting 15% of World population.
  • Equity of opportunities and dignity.
  • Children and Women first.
  • Freedom of expressing opinion and enjoying rights.
  •  Accountability and transparency.




Primarily CSID formed and registered as Charity Trust under the Ministry of Law in December 1997. Later in February 2011 the organization has been registered with the Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Welfare. The registration number: Dha- 08858, dated- 20 February 2011.

It is also registered with the NGO Affaires Bureau of Government of Bangladesh under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance. Registration number: 1322, dated 15 December 1998.



CSID has 21 members General Council (GC), which is the supreme policy level decision making body. A 7 member’s Executive Committee (EC) is elected by General Council members every 3 years interval. The Executive Committee is responsible for Organisational and Financial Management in accordance with the approved Policies and Bi-laws and accountable to General Council.

There is a Management Committee at organisation level comprising of staff members from different levels and is responsible for manage and monitor the implementation of the programmes and day to day activities of Head Office and Head Office based projects. This committee is meeting monthly basis. The ED is reporting to the executive Committee quarterly basis. The General Council meets ones a year in its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and approves the plan budget and providing policy decisions.


At the project level (projects outside the Head Office and in other districts) there are also project management committee consisting of different level staff members, stakeholders and beneficiaries and the committees are meeting monthly basis to review the progress and resolve the management issues. The uniqueness of the above mentioned committees is there is no head of committee and all members are equal. By rotation each member (whether he/she is from higher or lower level) is presiding over the meeting. This system enhances the courage, skill and capacity of staff members.


 Policies in Practice:


CSID has the following Policies, which is in practice: Child Protection Policy, Gender policy, Human Resource Policy, Information Disclosure Policy, Financial Policy, Operational Manual, Cost Sharing Policy, Anti fraud Policy, Whistle blowing Policy and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.